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Welcome! My thing is helping people create a life they truly love living. I believe life is too short not to be living our best life - that's why I put together these programs and FREE offers that will help you to change the way you think and do things.

That means big audacious dreams do become possible! 

So where to first? 

My FREE subscriber hub is a great place to start to get a taste of what I offer. 

Or jump into the Mastering Life Series, with my FREE program 'A
 Little Help During Challenging Times'. This is a transformative process to help you re-connect to your peaceful core. Don't underestimate the power of this kinesiology based process. Clients have variously used this to cope with anything and everything - one even launched a new business off the back of it. 

Also in the Mastering Life Series, you will find The Peace Challenge, which will help you to completely re-frame the way you approach your life or, if you are looking for a little manifesting (and who isn't!) have a look at Create your Life, Dream, Plan and Unfold. You can access the first module of each of these for FREE. 

For business owners, creating a business doing what we love is part of our big audacious dream, for those, there is my Marketing With Heart Business Mentoring Series. In this series you will find practical tools to help you create a thriving business you love. 

The 'Confident Practitioner Formula' is my signature business mentoring program for practitioners - as a passionate practitioner myself, I know creating a thriving business is one of the most satisfying feelings we can have and I also know creating it can be one of the hardest tasks we will ever do! Click on the link below to catch my free class. 

I hope you enjoy these offerings and love to hear how you go! 

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Free Resources - My Subscriber Hub

Welcome to my Community Hub!

Here you will find freebies to help you to create the life YOU want to live! 

FREE Mastering Life Program - A Little Help During Challenging Times ...

When stress becomes too much a normal part of life everything starts to fall apart. Anxiety and depression can rear its ugly head and overwhelm and frustration can become constant companions.

These 20-minute 'Mini Balance' videos will give you tools and techniques to stay grounded and centred - despite everything that is going on around you. Use them stand alone - or better yet as a 30 day challenge to feeling more grounded and more connected to yourself and those around you. 

Mastering Life - Psychology of Peace

There is little more soul-destroying than the pain we feel when we are stuck in limiting old patterns when we just want to bring our best into the world. An essential part of the positive change process is identifying those old dysfunctional patterns (especially the hidden or socially acceptable ones) and then replacing them with positive new perceptions. 

The 'Psychology of Peace' Peace Challenge will help you understand what is holding you back and will teach you how to respond in a new and more empowered way so you can create the live you want to live!

++ Watch the first class for free right now! ++

Mastering Life - Create Your Life, Dream, Plan & Unfold

Are you fed up being on the roller coaster of life? Do you know things have to change but you have no idea where to start? This program's unique combination of at-home processes and kinesiology sessions with me will help you re-program your subconscious and manifest your deepest desires.

I think aligning to our deepest self and creating the life we want to live is one of the most important things we can do for peace and harmony in our lifetime. Not to mention our own joy factor!

++ Watch the first class for free right now! ++

Marketing with Heart - The Toolkit

Marketing a practice is complicated and even those with a great business and sales background (like me!) can have difficulty creating a thriving business (like I did). But we need to master it to keep on helping our clients. 

This workbook will fill your toolkit with everything you need for your business success. 

Marketing With Heart Online

What is one of the biggest blocks to our business success? Not knowing what we don't know. And how do we solve it? It actually is almost impossible - because we don't know what it is that we don't know unless we go through our foundations, step by step, and fill in the gaps. 

Whether it is a side hustle or your dedicated hearts-work this streamlined version of my signature program will fill in all the gaps so you can follow your dreams and create a business you love. 

Marketing with Heart - The Confident Practitioner Formula

Being a successful practitioner, coach or heart-centred consultant takes more than excellent skills. It also takes having a business and marketing strategy that works to get new clients and create a reliable and sustainable income.

The Confident Practitioner Formula gives you the tools, templates and knowledge to build and market a thriving business together with the accountability and personal support you need to create a business you love. 

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