FREE Mastering Life Program - A Little Help During Challenging Times ...

FREE Mastering Life Program - A Little Help During Challenging Times ...

When there is too much going on (like right now!) we start to fall apart gradually, from the inside out.

Anxious feelings and concerns about what the future may hold become our constant companions. We might have some great self-care going on - but it stops being as effective as it can be and we start to lose it at the kids, our partners or at work. We resort to comfort foods, alcohol and activities to feel better - but they all have their own negative impact that we don't want, so that, in turn, adds to the negative chatter in our head - not to mention to our waistline or our fitness! 

We just want to get on with life, enjoying it as much as we can, seeing potential and possibility despite everything. We want to remember the quality time we spend - not grieve what we miss out on. We want to be able to focus on all the positives and just deal with the rest without stressing out. And all this requires emotional resilience, a way to re-centre and return to our deepest truths and a way for our body to physiologically relax and let go. 

What is needed is a way to access a sense of trust and openness and live it every day.

This series of 20-30 minute session will help you find and maintain a 'Balance Of Being' that means you can dynamically do whatever is required with ease and enjoy this life we are here to live. 

Each session is an excerpt from a bigger group session (with the personal info removed) and is based on kinesiology processes. That means not only do you feel better after the process, but you are also activating change at a very deep, core level.

Warning! Adding these sessions and processes into your life on a regular basis WILL initiate deep and long-lasting changes in your life in alignment with your goals. Use it at your own risk! ❤️❤️❤️

5 Modules

A Meditation on Grounding

Day 1 .... Time to become more grounded. Make sure you have your pen and paper and enjoy. 

Vision Up!

We need a way to hold our vision during challenging times. This session will help you find that sense of hope for the future that is essential to holding our vision. 

Opening Up To Possibility

Stress impacts on our brain by shutting it down and limiting our perceptions of possibility. Consciously choosing to open up to possibility can help us stay connected to the bigger picture. This process will help you expand into the bigger view of what's possible. 

Building Your Energy

As stress depletes our body it also affects our mind and overall energy. To maintain the health and wellness we desire we need to have simple tools such as this beautiful six pointed start meditation to keep our energy aligned and strong. 

A Meditation On Joy

The ability to find and maintain a joyous space within despite anything is a beautiful thing to cultivate. It is now time to  embrace that space!


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