Mastering Life - Psychology of Peace

Mastering Life - Psychology of Peace

….imagine identifying bad habits and old thought patterns that are stopping you from creating the relationships you desire

.….imagine replacing them with positive new ways of being that create healthy, happy relationships with yourself as well as with others

.…imagine knowing how to think, feel and interact with others in a heart-felt way that feels congruent with your authentic self - who you want to be, with good boundaries and a joyful soul. 

There is little more soul destroying than the conflict and pain we feel when we are trying to be the best we can be but old patterns and thought processes get in the way. We need to be able to interact with life as it is in the moment – not from our deeply engrained habits.

Yes, we can practice releasing the past to open the space for change – but an essential part of positive change is knowing what to replace those less than useful patterns with!

Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be – Wayne W Dyer

The 'Psychology of Peace' Peace Challenge will take you through the biggest traps that hold you back from feeling empowered in life. These are the traps that universally keep us caught in past conditioning and unable to see the present.

This program will help you recognise those traps and learn how to respond in a new and more peaceful way.

You will be able to : 

  • Let go of guilt and blame together with the resentment and bitterness they generate and enjoy time with friends and family again.
  • Learn how to say no and create healthy physical, emotional, mental and energetic boundaries so you have more space for you in your life.
  • Harness the power of choice and know how to use language to create the life you want to live.
  • Know how to get exactly what you want – not something kind of OK.
  • Understand the three things you must do to create real change.
  • Take real action and keep on towards your dreams even when it all goes wrong.
  • Make mindfulness or meditation a part of your life simply and easily by building in pockets of peace when it suits you.
  • Learn how cultivating Inner Leadership will transform your life.

Watch the first module for free right now! 

9 Modules

Just Is.

The drama triangle. This is the root cause of so much pain in relationships. This class delves into this old relationship pattern that no longer works. We no longer need the guilt and blame that this pattern creates, nor the bitterness and resentment that it leaves.

Watch the first class for free! 

Do we even know what a boundary is?

Boundaries are a hot topic, but most of us really don't get them. Especially if we are a People-pleaser or Empath. This class will not only take you through the concept but will also help you see how they are inadvertently impacting your life. Grab your journal or a pen and paper to make some notes as you watch this. And don't forget to download the cheat sheet. 

Enjoy delving into the empowerment and inherent strength of good boundaries. 

Choices - make them more easily.

Every minute, every day we make choice after choice. How can we make them less stressful? And why are they important in developing our intuition? What about building trust? This module explores how you can harness the power of choice in your life. 

Don't just have a 'yes' list.

Most people work off a 'yes' list and wonder why they feel anxious and trapped in circumstances. Once we understand how ineffective that 'yes' list is and how to create a more efficient and life supporting list we start ushering in the life we really want to be living. 

Welcoming Change

Change. Change. Change. Exciting for some - terrifying for others. But as with everything, the more empowered we are the easier change and the uncertainty that surrounds change become to navigate. 

Keeping On Keeping On. On how to stop sabotaging yourself.

Do you have goals, dreams and intentions that never seem to come to fruition? That can be because we have too much old, stray energy holding us back. We need to not only be able to move into a cycle of growth, we need to be able to let go of all that which may be stopping our growth. 


Meditation. Studies how that meditation and mindfulness positively impact our happy brain chemicals long term - but how to implement it. There are many different ways to start. How will you implement it in your life? 

The End Game. Inner Leadership.

What is Inner Leadership? That sense of trusting ourself. Our intuition. Feeling empowered and in charge of our life. That secret sauce that we see some people exude.

How can we get some of that? 

Meditations Download

5 mediations led by me..... download and enjoy! 

Authentic Peace - This too will pass. Trust that we always have and always will be OK. Coming back into the present moment of just being. 4:15 minutes of guided breathing practice with healing Crystal Bowls. 

Balance The Mind - This is based on the yogic Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) practice to balance the brain but can be done anywhere anytime ... a guided practice of 4 minutes 

Heart Meditation - This is based on a Buddhist Metta Meditation to increase our heart energy and connection with others. A guided meditation of 5:20 minutes with Crystal Bowl healing music.  

Micro Movements - A mindful movement practice to come into the present.  3:17 minutes of healing Crystal Bowl music and guided micromovements to relax the mind and body. 

True Self - A guided meditation from the works of Psychologist, Roberto Assagioli, to help to come back home to who we truly are - a centre of pure self-consciousness. 7:39 minutes of healing Crystal Bowl music. 

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